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TOTEM Of The Horizon

Shankra Festival 2019 - Horizon Floor

Design & Constructuion by UV LAB

3D Mapping & VIsual content: Hakan Hısım, Axis Mundi ProjectKhAl

Technical Support: Impact Vision

Production Team: Khaled Al, Batuhan Güven , Mike Shnsho , Hadi Abi Abdallah, Benjamin Giaccomo, Simon Deybach, Ivo May, Isabella Măldăianu, Andrea Di Paoli, Sama Jelassi, Radikal Beub (Benoit GUERMEUR), Michele Cembali


The material used to build the spider-like dome, jute (cannabis woven) an organic material, 100% biodegradable, and the wood skeleton, gave the feeling to be in a kind of pagan temple. The visual effect was raw, far away from the printed patterns of the mainstream lycra decorations. The dome literally "breathed" this sensation resulting from the physical quality of jute and the special deconstructing design that permits good air circulation. Furthermore, the vertical walls of jute emerging from the ground created an intimate atmosphere, embracing the tumultuous crowd and creating beautiful sitting spots.

The Stage built using the same materials gives you the feeling that you are standing in front of an ancient totem from a forgotten era symbolizing Mother Ship.


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1 side view.jpg
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