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UV LAB is a vibrant collective with a core mission to support and collaborate with exiled and refugee artists, fostering a unique blend of artistic expression and social impact. Founded in 2014, UV LAB explores the intersection of art, community engagement, and sustainable design to create transformative experiences. By merging traditional wisdom with innovative technology, we develop projects that resonate both locally and globally.

Our work includes public art installations, temporary structures, design consultations, event planning, scenography, and social impact workshops. We are deeply committed to sustainability, using reclaimed and naturally sourced materials, and integrating ecological principles into our designs. We believe in the power of art to spark dialogue, promote inclusivity, and drive positive change. Our collaborative projects and research initiatives actively engage diverse communities, amplifying marginalized voices and addressing pressing social issues.

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At UV LAB, we redefine public art by embracing complexity, inclusivity, and sustainability. Our goal is not just to create visually stunning installations but to inspire, empower, and unite people towards a more equitable, resilient, and harmonious world. Through our artistic endeavors, we strive to catalyze meaningful experiences and foster cross-border dialogue, leveraging the talents of refugee and exiled artists to make a lasting impact.

Founded in 2014 on the journey between Syria and France, UV LAB harnesses the power of artistic expression to address pressing social issues and promote dialogue across borders.


The name UV LAB is a nod to the U and V directions of a surface in 3D modeling, which represents the two-dimensional coordinates used to define a surface in three dimensions. But it also has a deeper meaning; the U and V directions can be seen as a metaphor for the Global South and Global North, respectively. By referencing these directions, UV LAB seeks to bridge the gap between different cultures and perspectives.


UV LAB logo

The logo

The UV LAB logo features a seed pattern created by combining the U and V letters.


When applying generative design methods and Islamic geometric patterns principles, this seed pattern becomes the "cell unit," which is the smallest motif that can be repeated to create the entire geometry. By repeating and rotating the cell unit, the fundamental unit is introduced, and the combined cell units containing the fundamental unit form the fundamental region.

Repeating and rotating the fundamental region results in an intersection between segments or between a segment and the fundamental region's boundaries, leading to fundamental unit parameterization. Each new transformation results in a geometry that is qualitatively similar to the original geometry and can expand infinitely.


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