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Syria Regional Refugee Response - Lebanon 2015

Education For Syrian Refugees 1
Wooden Classroom 

Tall Abbas Al Gharbi Refugee Camp
Akaar, North Tripoli, Lebanon



Design & implementation:    Khaled Alwarea

NGO:       Lamset Ward Organization

Donors:   World Wood Day Foundation
                 International Wood Culture Society 


Timescale: 7 Days
Area: 33 m2
8  Volunteer Unskilled Workers 
On a spring day in 2015, only few days to world wood day, I had a phone call from Lamset Ward Organization, telling me that they have a budget to do any activity related to wood culture with the refugees and asked for my help, they chose a remote refugee camp in North Tripoli, where there is no services of any kind and no schools nearby, that's when I suggested to make a workshop for the refugees about wood building techniques, where the outcome would be a classroom for their kids.

This was the first project I managed in the refugee response, living amongst them in one of their plastic tents, with a challenging limited budget, resources and time, and a difficult working environment I was able to introduce the volunteers to the basic building techniques, and worked with them step by step to complete the work and to make sure that every one of them would be able to construct a similar wooden structure on their own.
This focus on supporting and motivating refugee workers was a groundbreaking approach where the hopes are high that they would be able to rebuild their homes when they go back to Syria. 
In addition to managing the project, I had the responsibility to document, write, direct, and edit a short documentary about the process.



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