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Freedom Square, Vijlandi, Estonia 2024
Public Art by UV LAB

Production: Vijlandi Tuled &  Tartu European Capital of Culture 2024.


9x9m wide

5m high

4 weeks of construction

After dismantling, all materials were repurposed.

Production Team:

UV LAB team: Khaled Alwarea, and MIke Shnsho

Computational design: Michael R. DiCarlo

UV Lab presents Ouroboros, a unique blend of art, sustainability, and innovation featured at the Vijlandi Tuled visual arts festival and Tartu European Capital of Culture 2024.


Ouroboros seeks to revive the ancient myth of eternity and harmony through visual-architectural form. It reflects on how human concepts and aspirations manifest into symbolic structures, transcending mere physical presence.


Crafted from wood, reminiscent of Estonian traditional rooftops, Ouroboros embodies environmental consciousness and artisanal skill. It symbolizes the pursuit of eternal ideas in a modern world, blending durability with fragility while paying homage to cultural heritage.


At its core, Ouroboros symbolizes the cyclical essence of life, intertwining themes of continuity, interconnectedness, and regeneration. It prompts reflection on the serpent consuming its own tail, inviting viewers to explore its profound implications and relevance in contemporary society.





Innovation converges with tradition as Ouroboros seamlessly integrates modern technology with time-honored craftsmanship. Leveraging advanced mixed reality technology, facilitated by the Fologram plugin on Rhinoceros 3D and Grasshopper, the installation transcends conventional artistic boundaries, fostering a dialogue between the tangible and the virtual.

Stepping into the serene ambiance of Ouroboros, visitors are encouraged to reflect on their connection to the natural world. Through this immersive encounter, they are prompted to ponder humanity's intricate relationship with nature, contemplating the significance of sustainability and adaptability for our collective future.

Architecturally, the installation's creation presented unique challenges. Given the region's cold weather, the structure was prepared as modular components in a workshop, facilitating transportation and assembly on-site. Initially, a waffle structure was devised utilizing pre-cut plywood—a solution offering structural stability and simplified assembly to accommodate the installation's intricate curvature across multiple modules.


However, certain constraints necessitated a pivot to a hybrid structure for the main sections, optimizing plywood usage while maintaining structural integrity. To achieve the installation's complex curvature, a turn to Mixed Reality technology was needed, integrating the Fologram plugin on Grasshopper and Rhinoceros. This innovative method enabled real-time visualization and manipulation of the 3D model at full scale, streamlining fabrication and assembly through QR markers and Fologram guidance on mobile devices within the workshop space.

Upon dismantling the structure, UV Lab and Viljandi Tuled organisers ensured that all materials were repurposed and given a new lease on life. Rather than allowing anything to reach the scrapyard, we made a concerted effort to contribute to the principles of the circular economy. Every component of Ouroboros was carefully salvaged and donated to local schools and craftsmen, where they could be utilized in educational projects or repurposed for future artistic endeavors. This commitment to sustainability underscores our belief in responsible resource management and our dedication to leaving a positive impact on the community long after the installation's conclusion.

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