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Migrating Star 

A Beacon of History and Hope

Dover Castle, UK 2021

Site-Specific Sculpture by UV LAB

For The Walk With Amal

With the support of Future Foundry and English Heritage

Production Team: Khaled Alwarea, MIke Shnsho

Migrating Star, an unassuming yet profound architectural installation, gracefully takes its place within the historic embrace of Dover Castle. Spanning a modest 7 meters in length, this site-specific sculpture finds its meaning in the juxtaposition of ancient and modern, with a deep reverence for Dover Castle's ancient Roman pharos.

At its core, Migrating Star is anchored by a simple and robust tripod—a design choice that pays homage to the enduring qualities of resilience and stability. Like the pharos itself, which has stood the test of time, this sculpture stands as a symbol of unwavering strength, qualities that echo the enduring spirit of refugees and migrants throughout history.

MIgrating Star By UV LAB-1.jpg
MIgrating Star By UV LAB-15.jpg

The sculpture's exterior tells a story of its own. It is primarily composed of retired pallet wood, each weathered plank carrying the marks of a global journey. These wooden boards symbolize the essence of migration, carrying with them the histories of distant lands and the passage of time. Migrating Star, in this context, acts as a guardian of these stories, within the historic monument dedicated to refugees and migrants.

Situated a mere stone's throw away from the ancient Roman pharos, Migrating Star bridges the gap between eras. This lighthouse-inspired sculpture pays homage to the pharos, one of only two such structures left in the world. This juxtaposition of ancient and modern architecture serves as a poignant reminder of the enduring human spirit—a spirit that has faced trials and tribulations spanning generations.

Migrating Star played a pivotal role during the "Walk with Amal Dover Welcome Event - Light Guides The Way," where 500 lanterns converged to welcome little Amal, a 3.5-meter puppet symbolizing the courage of child refugees. Against the backdrop of Dover Castle, this sculpture not only illuminated the physical landscape but also served as a symbol of hope that transcends time.

Within the UNESCO world heritage site of Dover Castle, Migrating Star invites visitors to reflect upon the interplay between the past and present, between ancient and modern architecture. It silently stands as a guardian of the enduring human spirit, while emphasizing the profound importance of preserving and respecting historical treasures like the Roman pharos. This sculpture, humble in its presence, carries a deep significance as it stands sentinel in the shadow of the ancient lighthouse.


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