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"Forest Frequencies Festival | Gathering of the tribes 2015"

Outdoor Electronic Music Festival
Alternative Stage, Chillout Area, & Entrance

Timescale:     8 day's
Organizers:    Psyleb

Design:                      Khaled AlWarea, Zena El Abdalla

3D Mapping:              Khaled AlWarea

Animation:                 Zena El Abdalla

Execution Team:       Khaled AlWarea, Hadi Abi Abdallah, Ali Skitzo, Sandy Kastoun, Karim Traboulsi, Zena El Abdalla 
Chahtoul, Lebanon 2015

Forest Frequencies | 4 day music festival is a yearly gathering of beautiful souls and free spirits in the most beautiful and natural sceneries that Lebanon has to offer. 
Attendees have been joining the festival from Jordan, Syria, Dubai, KSA, Bahrain, India, France, Malta, Netherlands and from all parts of the world.
in this years edition of Forest Frequencies we tried a new approach in shading the chillout area, it was the first time we execute a parametric structure in this scale , it was rather a stability test for the system we developed in the past year, for our surprise when we visited the site on the next year, the structure still erect, intact, in spite of the snow storms it witnessed.
Festival Entrance
Festival Entrance
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