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Art Unites : L'Art Nous Unit

UV LAB is a vibrant collective with a core mission to support and collaborate with exiled and refugee artists, fostering a unique blend of artistic expression and social impact. Founded in 2014, UV LAB explores the intersection of art, community engagement, and sustainable design to create transformative experiences. By merging traditional wisdom with innovative technology, we develop projects that resonate both locally and globally.

UV LAB is a non-profit association registered under number W133037127 with the PREFET DES BOUCHES-DU-RHONE - France.

The year 2020 hit us hard with COVID-19, plunging us into a financial crisis that has worsened over the years. This year, as we battled mounting debts, several strategic projects were canceled at the last minute. Additionally, while setting up a project in Switzerland, severe weather caused a landslide that destroyed our vehicle and equipment. This storm of challenges is pushing us to our limits like never before since our inception in 2014.But at the heart of this chaos lies UV LAB's true mission: to support and elevate artists forced to leave their countries. We still believe that art has the power to unite people, spark conversations, and include as many as possible. Now more than ever, we need your support to get through this ordeal. Your donation will not only keep our doors open but also keep hope alive for the artists we support and who depend on our activities.Join us in turning difficult times into triumphs, pushing the boundaries of art, and making a real difference. Together, let's ensure that UV LAB emerges stronger and continues to inspire change through creativity. 

How UV LAB Will Use Donations:


With the generous support of our donors, UV LAB aims to strategically allocate funds to maximize impact and sustainability. Our initial target for this campaign is 50,000 EUR, which will be allocated as follows:

  1. 20%: Acquisition of a new vehicle and essential equipment to replace those lost in the recent natural disaster.

  2. 30%: Allocation towards settling existing debts and ensuring financial stability.

  3. 50%: Investment in research and development of new artistic projects.
    These new projects will take an innovative direction, focusing on expanding our capabilities and generating passive income.
    One of these initiatives is "Fractales In Action," an immersive and dynamic art installation exploring spatial interactivity through cutting-edge technology and parametric design.
    Additionally, we plan to launch "Reimagining Spaces: Empowering Exiled Communities through Creative Workshops." This project addresses challenges faced by exiled communities in Marseille, especially refugees. By harnessing the transformative power of art, culture, and community engagement, we aim to revitalize underutilized urban spaces like those in Belle de Mai. Through participatory workshops led by experienced artists and facilitators, community members will share their stories, collaborate on meaningful projects, and foster a sense of creativity and connection.
    Your contribution will directly support these initiatives, enabling UV LAB to continue making a positive impact through art and empowering marginalized communities. 


Key Achievements of UV LAB:

In the past 2-3 years, UV LAB has made significant strides in fostering sustainable and socially engaged art. We have completed numerous public art installations across Europe, emphasizing ecological responsibility by using reclaimed and naturally sourced materials. Our innovative temporary structures have been showcased in major cultural events, blending traditional wisdom with cutting-edge technology.One standout project is the monumental public art installation "Le Kraken" at LES SUBS in Lyon, which was on display for nine months. This project exemplified the three pillars of sustainability:

  1. Sustainable Materials: We used reclaimed and naturally sourced materials.

  2. Community Engagement: We involved 10 volunteers from the Fine Arts School of Lyon (ENSBA) and other local schools.

  3. Circular Economy: After the installation, all materials were donated to a social project, "Market Cover," in the suburbs of Lyon.


Despite facing financial and logistical challenges, UV LAB has continued to support and elevate exiled and refugee artists, ensuring their creative contributions are recognized and valued globally. These efforts align with our mission to harness artistic expression for social impact, encouraging dialogue and inclusivity within the communities we serve.

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