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Syria Regional Refugee Response - Lebanon 2016

Education For Syrian Refugees 2
2 Wooden Classrooms 

Beqaa Region, Lebanon



Design & implementation:    Khaled Alwarea

NGO:       Education Program in Lebanon ( EPL ),
                 A program of Multi Aid Programs (MAPs)

Donors:   World Wood Day Foundation
                 Rotary Club Taiwan


AL-Rahma Refugee Camp
Sadnayel, Beqaa, Lebanon
Timescale: 1 month 
Area: 24 m2
3  Unskilled Workers 
Al- Faour Refugee Camp
Faour Village, Beqaa, Lebanon 
Timescale: 1 month 
Area: 24 m2
4  Unskilled Workers 
Al-Amal School, and AL- Faour School are schools run by EPL, and are located
in Al-Amal settlement/ camp, and Al-Faour settlement/ camp for Syrian refugees. The schools combined serves 380 school aged children, and have 150 child on the waiting list.

Because of the law capacity of the schools, we decided to build an extra classroom, in each one which will give the opportunity for 120 new students to enroll in the schools.

With a limited budget and resources and a difficult working environment, I was able to introduce the workers to the basic building techniques and worked with them step by step to complete the work and to make sure that every one of them would be able to construct a similar wooden structure on their own.
This focus on supporting and motivating refugee workers was a groundbreaking approach where the hopes are high that they would be able to rebuild their homes when they go back to Syria. 



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