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"Binzen Wsikh | بنزين وسخ"

Live Music | Fundraiser  
Main Stage  

Timescale:     1 day
Organizers:    UV LAB

Design:                      Khaled AlWarea

3D Mapping:              Khaled AlWarea

Execution Team:       Khaled AlWarea, Zena El Abdalla, Sandy Kastoun, Alaa Kh

Illustration:                 Sandy Kastoun
Beirut, Lebanon 2015

BINZEN WSIKH is a the product of a collaboration amongst Syrian Artists; a unique canvas seen for the first time in the region. The aim of this project is to raise the voices of our families in the Refugee camps all over the region, to let them know that they have neither been forgotten nor abandoned! 
 - Hello, Psychaleppo 
- طنجرة ضغط- Tanjaret Daghet 
- خبز دولة -Khebez Dawle 
- لتلتة - Latlateh 
- السيد درويش - Hani Al Sawah 
- الصعاليك - Al Saaleek 
 - Yazan & Raed Mcs! 

Binzen Wiskh is a fundraiser to support Syrian refugees in Lebanon to get through the winter. 7 Syrian Bands covered the event. Organised by UV LAB. The design interacted with the performers where it changed and adjusted according to the number of the band members on stage.
All proceeds of the event went to the Syrian refugee camps in Lebanon to help them get through the harsh winter, through Syrian NGOs working in Lebanon
This was the first event I organize and produce from A to Z (venue booking, artists booking, sponsors, set design, animation, publicity ... etc)

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