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"A Current Wave of Nectar"

Outdoor Music & Art Festival
Main Stage  

Timescale:     4 day
Organizers:    Haven for Artists

Design:                      Khaled AlWarea, Dayna Ash

3D Mapping:              Khaled AlWarea

Execution Team:       Khaled Alwarea, Dyna Ash, Hadi Abi Abdalla, Khaled Alwarea, Ali Skitzo, Rami Chahine, Antnio Hjj

Amchiet, Lebanon 2015

‘a current wave of nectar’ will act as the ripple that sends us to one another. extracting from every artist breath, expression and reflection. it will encompass // 3 days // camp // beach // art. 
an open event for all. artist + audience alike. 

What is special about Haven for Artists festivals and events is that we have no allocated budget, so the design process starts on site according to the materials we can find in the site and are allowed to use, and/or materials donated to the festival.

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