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"Spiritual Ritual Festival Promo Party"

Outdoor Electronic Music Event 
Main Stage & 2 Side Elements  

Timescale:     1 day
3 Projectors 
Organizers:    Psyleb, UV Lab, Morning Glory, Portal Family

Design:                      Khaled AlWarea, Zena El Abdalla

3D Mapping:              Khaled AlWarea

Animation:                 Zena El Abdalla

Execution Team:       Khaled AlWarea, Hadi Abi Abdalla, Karim Traboulsi
Qornayl, Lebanon 2015
Spiritual Ritual is an Outdoor Electronic Music, Art and Cultural gathering in the Himalayas. It seeks to promote Nepalese culture, lifestyle and electronic music.

TOROG (2to6 Records) (Switzerland) &
AIRI (2to6 Records) (Japan)
LIVE in Lebanon; A Spiritual Ritual Festival Official Promo Party a48 hour gathering.

The event was a product of a mass collaboration between several organizers, 20 localdj's and 2 international acts
After one week on site preparing for the event, we had to move the party to another location due tounexpected storm, the other location is on a nearby hill, where we built a stage for a techno party 3 month ago (SERENDIPITY).
In 24 hours we were able to prepare the site, fix-update the old stage, and build two side elements in the venue.

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