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"Full Moon Party Lebanon 2.0"

360 Main Stage & 2 Side Elements 
Dimensions:  Main Stage: 800*400 cm
                       Side Elements: 800*600 cm
4 Projectors 
Timescale:     7 day's
Organizers:    MAILLON THE CLUB

Design:                      Khaled AlWarea

3D Mapping:              Khaled AlWarea, Sandy Kastoun, Zena El Abdalla, Hadi Abi Abdalla, Gerard Rechdan, Karim Tarboulsi

Execution Team:       Khaled AlWarea, Gerard Rechdan, Hadi Abi Abdallah, Ali Skitzo, Sandy Kastoun, Karim Traboulsi, Zena El Abdalla,     
Beirut, Lebanon 2015
Praia beach resort, Zouk Mosbeh.


With more than 8000 attendees, this was one of the biggest events we worked on.

The main stage was elevated from the venue, and the VIP  section was behind it, what made me propose a 360 stage with 2 projectors mapping it.

On the two sides of the venue there was a full moon shaped elements, that were elevated by a huge scaffoldings.

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